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Special Announcement

Internship/ Employment Support Services

The Inter-professional Support Services Team (Student Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, Nurses and Instructors) at the Shine Skills Centre provides life planning education, career counselling, job matching & coaching as well as at least 12-month post-employment support services to students.

Student Counsellors network with employers through visiting them or inviting them to visit the centres for better understanding of the programmes. They identify potential employers for internship and employment opportunities.
Support Flow from ‘Workshop Training’ to ‘Individual Care’


  1. Pre-placement/employment time to help the students get a placement/ job and adapted to it

    Counsellors would work out with the Class Teachers and Support Service Staff to look at the personal profile for the students and identify industrial attachment/ employment opportunities.  They will also provide pre-placement/ pre-employment counselling for job preparedness.

  2. During the placement/ initial stage of employment

    Counsellors continue to work with the Class Teachers and Support Service Staff to look at students’ needs and help them solve the problems for setting in.  They:

    - visit the graduates at workplaces to see if there are any issues that need to be resolved, work out with the graduates’ employers / peer workers for designing the job duties and / or rearrange the workflow to meet the job requirements and consolidate what they learned and experienced so as to work independently;
    - seek help from teachers in case the employments require trade skills that the students need further help;
    - work out with the students’ employers/ supervisors for co-assessing the student’s performance during the training, and;
    - help to resolve problems such as rearranging the workflow to facilitate the students’ work or by counselling means to help the students’ adjustments.

    We look forward to a time when students are able to consolidate what they learned and experienced so as to work independently.

  3. Post-employment support

  1. To keep up graduates’ work motivation and sustain their continuous employment in the open market, provision of post-training employment support services through job coaches for graduates and their employers or peer workers has been extended to 12 months. An ongoing support services will be provided up to a period of three years for individual graduates on a need basis.
For those graduates who are neither in employment nor seeking employment, career related activities / groups / seminars and counselling sessions with graduates will be arranged to assist them to formulate / achieve their career / life goals to strengthen these graduates’ work motivation and build up their self-confidence so as to assist them to transit to the work life.  Issues related to trade elements will be referred back to the class teachers.

Useful Information for Employment Support and Services


Contact Person of Employment Support Services
Ms Kwok
Tel2270 0992