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Centres and Facilities

Residential Facilities

Residential facilities are available at Shine Skills Centre (Tuen Mun), providng an interactive living environment where students can develop their social skills and independent living skills. The Centre offers 12 dormitories, with a total of 120 places. Every dormitory is equipped with basic facilities, including a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.
Student residents are encouraged to read and take part in various chess games or sports activities to make good use of their leisure time. They may participate in the interest classes such as gardening, drama, cooking and handicraft, to develop their interest and creativity. Visits to the community facilities, recreational activities, social gatherings and excursions are also organised for students regularly.
The residential service is open to students on a fee basis. Students with financial difficulties may apply for fee remission.


  Student resident enjoying recreational activities