Workplace Learning and Assessment

To raise the quality of training and strengthen collaboration with the industries, VTC introduced the concept of “Workplace Learning and Assessment (WLA)” in AY2018/2019. WLA aims at integrating learning and practice to gauge the practical skills of students and their ability to utilize professional knowledge.

Interdisciplinary Unit Dual-track Pilot Scheme

We operate WLA under dual-track learning approach by going through workplace training and receiving classroom teaching at the same time. This approach provides students with the latest market-relevant training and equips them with the emerging skills that is essential in this digital age.

Features of the Programme

  • School-based Learning
    Workshops, seminars and relevant activities arranged by Academic Supervisor

  • Workplace Training
    Workplace coaching, meeting and relevant activities arranged by Workplace Mentor

  • Workplace Assessment
    Assessed by Academic Supervisor and verified by Workplace Mentor

Delivery Mode

School-based Learning 3 days per week and Workplace Training 2 days per week
*Delivery mode may vary depending upon attachment arrangements with individual employers

Benefits to Training Employer

  • Workplace-ready Graduate
    Opportunity for recruitment of work-ready, high-quality young generation

  • Promotion of Training Capability
    Builds a culture of learning and provides employees opportunities to learn valuable mentoring and management skills

  • Recruitment Pathway
    Opportunity to closely examine the skills and suitability of potential employees before they graduate

  • Fresh Ideas
    Brings new ideas & innovation to Industry

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Improves corporate image and contributes to curriculum design with education provider

Registration and information

Telephone: 2727-9419
Email: ramilamhk@vtc.edu.hk

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