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Faculty of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering

Programme code ST145101

Career Prospects
Graduates may be employed as assistant engineers, graduate engineers, civil, structural and geotechnical engineers, project coordinators, site agents and project managers in government departments (such as departments under Development Bureau and Environmental Protection Department), public utilities (such as railways and electric companies), consultancies, construction companies, and relevant suppliers and manufacturers.

The graduates of the programme are well recognised by Government departments and construction industry. During the years, the graduates were employed in various positions e.g. civil engineering graduate (CEG) and structural engineering graduate (SEG) from HKSAR, graduate engineers of well-known consultant companies (such as AECOM Asia Co. Ltd, Arup Group Limited and Meinhardt Group (Hong Kong) Ltd.) and well-known construction companies (such as Gammon Construction Ltd., Build King Holdings Ltd. and Paul Y Engineering Group). The average starting salary for 2020 graduates is HK$18,355.3 with the employment rate at 93.2%. Recently, some graduates have joined the professional examinations provided by HKIE (after completion of scheme "A" training) and Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and become professional engineers.