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Application during
10 Nov 2022 to 28 Feb 2023

Application for AY 2023/24 Full-time Degree, Higher Diploma, Diploma of Foundation Studies, Diploma of Vocational Education and Diploma programmes

Important Days

  • By 28 February 2023
  Apply via the "VTC S6 Admission Portal"
  Complete application for Principal’s Nomination Scheme / Self-Nomination Scheme (if applicable)


  • Starting from late March 2023
    Conditional Offer / Firm Offer Announcement


  • Mid May to Late May 2023
  Submit “Student Learning Profile” via the "VTC S6 Admission Portal" (if applicable)
  Change or re-prioritise programme choices
  Join VTC Programme Selection Info Day and Briefing Session


  • Early June 2023
    Attend interview(s) (if applicable)
    Applicants who are invited to attend interview will normally be notified 3 days before the interview


Notes :

  1. Applicants should change / re-prioritise programme choices, and check the arrangement of interview and offer announcement via the "VTC S6 Admission Portal".
  2. Applicants who are given "Firm Offer" should download the payment advice and offer documents via "VTC S6 Admission Portal" and complete registration before the stipulated deadline.