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Arrangement on Application for Non FT S6 Programmes on 22 July 2020

  • Applicants applying for the following programmes, please call respective institutes for enquiry :


Enquiry Hotline

THEi Degree Programmes (Year-3 Entry)

THEi (Chai Wan)

3890 8000

Earn & Learn - Retail Industry

IVE (Haking Wong)

2708 5325 / 2708 5357

SBI Diploma Yi Jin Programme


3127 7392

Dedicated Diploma of Foundation Studies Programme for Non-Chinese
Speaking Students

IVE (Haking Wong)

2361 5161

YC (Yeo Chei Man)

3443 9333


  • Applicants of following programmes please login to the “Web-based Admissions System” on or after 23 July (Thu) to fill in application form or check application record :
  • Part-time Programmes
  • Full-time Post-secondary 3 Diploma of Vocational Education Programmes / Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate Programmes (Applicable for S3 students)
  • Certificate Programmes Offered by the Hotel and Tourism Institute / Chinese Culinary Institute / International Culinary Institute