S6 Admission Guide 2023

+ 西式包餅及糖藝文憑(QF級別3)學費為港幣$14,900(第一年)及港幣$12,800(第二年)。 # 學費水平會每年檢討。2024/25 學年學費水平會因應通脹及有關因素作調整。 國際廚藝文憑(QF級別3)學費為港幣$16,700(第一年)及港幣$12,100(第二年)。 + +

+ + # Tuition fees are subject to annual review. The tuition fee levels for AY 2024/25 will be reviewed subject to inflationary adjustments and other relevant factors. The tuition fees for Diploma in International Culinary Arts (QF Level 3) are HK$16,700 (1st Year) and HK$12,100 (2nd Year). + The tuition fees for Diploma in Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery (QF Level 3) are HK$14,900 (1st Year) and HK$12,800 (2nd Year).