What is a "WebCT ID"?

The "WebCT ID" is a unique identifier for each VTC teacher/teaching assistant and student. A password is used in combination with the "WebCT ID" to logon to a "MyWebCT" Page.

For VTC teaching staff (full-time or part-time):

Your VTC e-mail username is your WebCT ID and your "VTC e-mail password" is your password.

You must first activate your Computing and Network Account (CNA) before you can successfully logon the above link.

If you have tried but failed to logon the platform, please click the following link to apply a WebCT ID online.

For VTC students:

Your "Student ID" (a nine-digit number, e.g. WebCT ID = "101234567" for AY10/11 new student) is your "WebCT ID" and your "VTC e-mail password" is your password.

For AY10/11 new students

For most new students, you can now access the WebCT platform with your VTC email and password.

If you can't logon, please go the URL https://cnatools.vtc.edu.hk/ to reset your password. Click here for brief instructions.

For YC students

If you are a student of Youth College (YC), you must activate your Computer and Network Account (CNA).

Go to the following URL.

For the instructions, please refer to this document.

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