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    Activity Highlights

    Basketball Competition

    Student Awards Reception

    Mass Dance 2016

    Language Centre - 寫揮春迎新春

    MH Information Day 2016

    Taster Programmes for Cognitio College


    “IVElite” is a student peer mentoring project to help students to become a self-regulated learner. With the experience of sharing and support from the mentors, students will quickly adjust to the new learning environment and develop a systematic learning strategy. In last year, they organized two activities: “Don’t be Shy!” and “Wealth gap in Hong Kong”.

    Wofoo Leaders’ Network

    Wofoo Leaders’ Network, sponsored by Wofoo Social Enterprises, aims to enhance students’ leadership and career preparedness through organizing student activities and community services. The network which maintains close relationships with different professionals to offer opportunities for students to learn and to serve. In last year, they organized three exchange tours to Taipei, Tainan, and Mainland China.


    Trainings on understanding social vulnerable groups and program management help the VCare groups to coordinate different types of volunteer / social services. Interpersonal communication skills will be enhanced through organizing different services for the community. In last year, the VCare members organized two volunteer service projects which aimed at enhancing children’s self-confidence and facilitating them to make use of personal strengths..

    Road to Marathon

    This programme helps building students’ resilience and perseverance through challenge-based learning in preparing for and participating in long-distance run.

     Professional practical training

     Seminar / Workshop by HK marathon athlete

     Subsidy for long-distance race

     Scholarship for outstanding member

    Peer Counsellor Training Programme

    A group of Peer Counsellors are selected from each IVE to participate in the Joint-IVEs’ Peer Counsellor Training Programme. After a series of training on counselling and communication skills, the Peer Counsellors will assist Student Counsellors to promote student counselling services on campus, organize activities for fellow students and participate in community services.

    IVE(MH) Students’ Union

    IVE (MH) Students’ Union is registered as a society under the Societies Ordinance. Students’ Union includes Students’ Union Council, Students’ Union Executive Committee and Students’ Union Editorial Board. Election of Students’ Union will be held in November every year. Also, in each year, Students’ Union organizes different kinds of activities, such as Clubs’ Day, Christmas Party, Singing Contest, and Orientation Camp.

    Zhonghua Yili Scholarship: Morhillian Project

    Morhillian Project aims at enhancing students to participate extra-curricular activities in campus. Through participating in activities, students can learn more about Zhonghua Yili including Kindness, Righteousness, Politeness, Wisdom, Trustfulness, Loyalty, Respect, Integrity, Persistence and Harmony. A prize presentation ceremony will be held in May in order to recognize students’ active participation.

    NowTV Language Activities

    Each year we hold various activities to motivate students to learn English in a fun way. For example, two campus-specific competitions, “My smart Accessory Design Competition” and “Give it a Shot” snapshot and writing competition, successfully stimulated students’ creativity and interest. Besides, our student was awarded a prize in the cross-campus food review writing competition titled “A Bite of…”!

    Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with Chinese Poetry

    This activity is to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and promote Chinese culture. Students could choose Chinese poems related to autumn to make their own bookmarks and lanterns. They could then take the bookmarks and lanterns home as their souvenirs.

    Be a Lyricist

    "Be a Lyricist" is an annual event where students can try to fill in the missing lyrics on an activity sheet as they are listening to some popular Mandarin songs. Many students enjoyed training their ears on Mandarin in such a relaxing way.

    Healthy Kitchen

    This was a student-led activity under the guidance of Chatteris PCs. Nowadays, people are more and more aware of the importance of healthy diet and so are our students. They initiated the idea of making healthy salad in the campus. With the support of the English Ambassador Team, it successfully promoted the theme of healthy eating in the campus.

    DIY Iced Drinks in Summer

    With the cold-brewed Taiwanese tea prepared by the teachers, students designed their unique specialty drinks by mixing and matching different summer fruits, wafting cool breeze and joyful laughter around the campus in summer.

    IELTS and PSC Award Schemes

    To encourage students to strive for improvement in their Chinese and English languages, IELTS Award Scheme and PSC Award Scheme are being launched in AY 2014-15. FT IVE(MH) students who have attained the specified requirement within the academic year can be reimbursed 100% of the test fees. Students are welcome to contact the Language Centre for further details.