LOGO supported broswerchrome firefox ie safari

Q1:I am using Internet Explorer. Some links to Microsoft Office documents (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint) are not working.
Q2:I have entered the correct User Name and Password, but still cannot log in correctly.
Q3:My bookmark for the Staff Intranet login page does not work.
Q4:I can't log in but is shown the message “Your login has been disabled due to intruder detection” instead.
Q5:When I access the Staff Intranet, sometimes I have to log in but sometimes I don't have do. What should be the expected behaviour?
Q6:What should I do if my password has expired?
Q7:Logout Procedure for Single Sign On (SSO)
Q8:I am recommended to use Chrome to browse the Staff Intranet.  Can I use Internet Explorer or other browsers instead?