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Printed Materials

Main Collection

The Main collection in IVE Libraries is available for loan. The books in the collection are shelved by call number from the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.  Users should check the library online catalogue, iPac or OPAC to find the call numbers of library materials for their exact locations.

Reference Collection

The Reference Collection includes materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, handbooks, directories, almanacs, Laws of Hong Kong and atlases, etc.  Reference books are indicated by a prefix REF to the call number.  They are for quick reference and should be used in the Libraries.

Periodicals Collection

Current issues of periodicals are displayed on periodical racks while back issues are kept inside the racks or in the closed stack.  Bound volumes of periodicals are located on the bookshelves separately to the current issues.  All periodicals are indicated by a prefix PER to the call number.

Newspapers Collection

Current issues of newspapers are displayed on newspaper stands while back issues are kept separately and are available for loan upon request for a short period of time. All major local newspapers including the South China Morning Post may be searched and retrieved from the WiseNews database. Some major English newspapers from China, Taiwan, Asia-Pacific and U.S.A., including the South China Morning Post, are available from the Lexis and Nexis Academic Universe database.

Reserve Collection

As requested by teaching staff, the Libraries may put books or other materials with a heavy demand in the Reserve Collection for short-term loan. The collection is available upon request.

Closed Collection

The Closed Collection consists of materials that are kept in the closed stack for approved access.  They are available upon request and may be checked out if needed.

Special Collections

  • Prospectuses of Tertiary Institutions - Some prospectuses and calendars from overseas and local universities and colleges are available in the Libraries. 
  • Annual Reports - Annual reports of local and overseas listed companies and non-profit making organizations can be found in some Libraries.  
  • Past Examination Papers & Syllabuses of Professional Institutes -The IVE Libraries hold a collection of syllabuses, and past examination papers of selected professional organizations such as the Institute of Marketing, ICMA, ICSA, City and Guilds, LCCI, ACCA and Pitman. This collection may be shelved as part of the Reference Collection or separately.
  • Government Publications - Government publications including ordinances, gazettes and papers issued by different governmental departments are kept in the Libraries.
  • VTC Publications - VTC publications include reports and surveys published regularly by various VTC Industry Training Boards.  This collection may be shelved as part of the Reference Collection or separately.  Parts of VTC publications have been digitized as electronic format. The details can be found in the section of Electronic Resources.


Electronic Resources

In an effort to provide remote and timely access to electronic information to support teaching and learning, the IVE Libraries have devoted a large part of resources to develop a growing collection of electronic books and electronic databases. 

These resources are available from any PC workstations with Internet access within the VTC premises or at home with VPN (Virtual Private Network) installation and a valid VTC email account. More information on how to install VPN may be found in the IVE Libraries Homepage.

  • eBooks
    he electronic books (eBooks) collection consists of over 2000 titles, which cover topics such as Construction, Business, Child Care, Computer Science, Education, Engineering, Science, Fine Arts, Language, Mathematics and Vocational Guidance. Other than the purchased eBooks by the VTC, the netLibrary also provides thousands of free eBooks to all subscribed users.   More information on how to access the VTC eBooks may be found in the IVE Libraries Homepage.

The user guides for the electronic databases are available in the Libraries and are obtainable from the IVE Libraries Homepage.       


IVE Databases
Library users can search, retrieve, download or print some of the following collections by accessing the Libraries Homepage under the following Databases :-

IVE Examination Paper Database 

This database includes the IVE past examination papers from 1997/98 onwards.  The latest past examination papers will also be made available to our staff and students shortly after the examination period. 

IVE Course Syllabus Database 

Relevant course syllabus from 1989 onwards is contained in the database, in which a complete set of the syllabuses may not be included as the collection of documents is subject to the departmental voluntary contribution. 

Digital Video Database 

Without having to locate the physical items, library users can search, retrieve and view the digitized audio-visual materials. The database contains over 400 titles of audio-visual materials.

VTC Publications Database 

This collection includes the full-text images of VTC annual reports, manpower survey statistical reports and job specifications kept by our libraries. Most of the publications were published during the period of 1982-2001.




Audio-Visual / Multi-Media Collection

Audio-Visual / Multi-Media Collection

The AV Collection includes audiocassettes, videocassettes, computer software, CD-ROMs, laser discs, slides, microfilms and multimedia packages, etc.  AV materials are indicated by a prefix AV to the call number and they are generally available for use at the Audio-Visual / Multi-Media Section.