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The Learning Resources Centre (LRC) was set up to provide quality resources, facilities and services for individual or collaborative pursuit of academic goals and activities. By incorporating the Library, the Educational Technology Unit (ETU) and the Self-Access Centre, the Centre offers integrated facilities and services for students and staff and serves as a one-stop learning platform on campus.

With a floor area of 1078 m² and a seating capacity of 363, the Centre aims to provide an integrated learning environment where students and staff have access to a variety of printed, electronic and online resources as well as facilities in one location on campus.

The Centre is also designed to promote independent learning and academic learning activities in groups through free access to multi-media learning packages and computer hardware/software, free booking of discussion rooms and a series of language enhancement activities.   The Centre will seek to further extend the range and quality of its provision in order to better fulfill its role as an independent learning hub for the campus community.

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