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    Academic Staff Post E-mail
    Ir Dr LAU Chi Keung, Jackson Head of Department jacksonl@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir LO Wing Hong Principal Lecturer whlo@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir CHEUNG Yuk Senior Lecturer 24368510@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir CHEUNG Shun Hing, Baron Senior Lecturer shbc@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir Dr. LAU Wai Hoi, Clement Senior Lecturer whclau@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. CHU Sung Yau, Dennis Senior Lecturer dennischu@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir WONG Shun Man, Paul Senior Lecturer paulwong@vtc.edu.hk
    Dr. WAN Kam Hung, Quentin Senior Lecturer qwan@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir LEUNG Wai Bun, Brian Senior Lecturer (Acting) wbbleung@vtc.edu.hk
    Dr. CHAN Bok Man, David Lecturer david_chan@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. Chan Ching Wai, Steven Lecturer stevenchan@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir CHAN Ka Wai, Carrie Lecturer carrieckw@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. CHAN Kam Lun, Pillow Lecturer pchan@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir CHAN Man Shek, Tony Lecturer tony-chan@vtc.edu.hk
    Ms. CHENG Wing Sum, Addie Lecturer addiecheng@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir CHEUNG Yiu Ki, Andy Lecturer andycheung@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir CHING Kai Ip Lecturer kiching@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. CHIU Cheuk Wah, Justin Lecturer justchiu@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. CHIU Put To, Billy Lecturer perse@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. CHOI Tsz Pak, Andy Lecturer andyctp@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. CHOW Yu Kwan Lecturer ykchow@vtc.edu.hk
    Dr. CHOY Wing Ki, Esther Lecturer estherchoy@vtc.edu.hk
    Dr. CHU Kwok Fai Lecturer kfchu@vtc.edu.hk
    Ms. FUNG Wai Ming, Eva Lecturer wmfung@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. HO Sik Keung, Raylen Lecturer raylenho@vtc.edu.hk
    Ms. HO Wing Chi, Gigi Lecturer gigiho@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. HON Yuen Kwong, Sunny Lecturer sunnyhon@vtc.edu.hk
    Dr. HUI Ken Lecturer huiken@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. JAN Shiu Cheong, Harry Lecturer harryjan@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. KWAN Kam Cheong, Ray Lecturer raykwan@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LAM Wing Sun, Ivan Lecturer ivanlws@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LAU Kar Kin, James Lecturer jkklau@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LEE Kung Yum Lecturer cnkylee@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LEE Kwok Wing, Patrick Lecturer patrickl@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LEE Tim Chee, Terence Lecturer terencelee@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir LI Chi Ho, Michael Lecturer mikechli@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LIANG Chi Kai Lecturer kcmekai@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LOO Tai Keung Lecturer elliteloo@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LOK Ka Leung, Lawrence Lecturer lawrenecelok@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. MA Ka Yiu, Stevenson Lecturer stevensonma@vtc.edu.hk
    Ms. NG Lai Yin Lecturer sychsl@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir SIU Ho Lun, Jonathan Lecturer jhlsiu@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. TANG Wai Lun, Alan Lecturer alantang@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. TONG Chi Wah Lecturer cwtong@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. WAN Chin Hung Lecturer wan2ch@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss WONG Chi Kwan, Connie Lecturer connieckwong@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. WONG Kit Yiu, Kenneth Lecturer kennethwong@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. WONG Siu Wa Lecturer swwong-ty@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. WONG Tak Wai, Terence Lecturer wongtakwai@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. WONG Wai Shun, Ian Lecturer ianw@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. WOO Dawood Lecturer dawood@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss YAU Mei Wan, Elsa Lecturer elsayau@vtc.edu.hk
    Ir YING Kai Chi, Thomas Lecturer kc_ying@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LEE Shu Tong Tom Associate Lecturer stlee@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. CHAN Chi Chiu, John Teaching Associate jccchan@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. HO Tsing Yeung, Jason Teaching Associate jasonho@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LEE Wai Pong, Ray Teaching Associate raywplee@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. TONG Chi Keung Senior Technician cktong@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. CHEUNG Ying Kit, Kris Technician krischeung@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. HUNG Chun Sum Technician cshung@vtc.edu.hk
    Mr. LI Yiu Cho, Joe Technician cu10cnty@vtc.edu.hk
    TAM Sik On Technician sotam@vtc.edu.hk
    WONG See Yin Technician cnsywong@vtc.edu.hk
    WONG Yuk Tung Tony Technician tonywong@vtc.edu.hk
    CHEUNG Suk Yee Works Supervisor II cheungsy@vtc.edu.hk   
    FUNG Chi Lok Mechanic II  lok710@vtc.edu.hk
    TSANG Kit Bing Workshop Attendant bing1218@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss LO Ka Yan, Tracy Officer tracylo@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss FUNG Tak Lin, Peggy Personal Secretary II peggyfun@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss FAN Yuk Kit, Iris Clerical Officer II faniris@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss CHU Wai Hing, Stella Executive Assistant II chuwh@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss TAM Cheuk Ying, Cherry Executive Assistant III cherrytam@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss YAU King Yin, Kyinda Executive Assistant II kyindayau@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss LAM Lai Man, Ivy Clerical Assistant ivyl@vtc.edu.hk
    Miss CHOW Suet Ching, Rachel Executive Assistant III csc112@vtc.edu.hk