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The Competition

It is a team competition for secondary school students. Each team comprises at most 15 students nominated by their schools. Each school can nominate more than one team and there is no restriction on the number of entry for each school. A theme related to the construction industry would be assigned each year. Each team would work according to the requirements in relation to the theme and then present their finished works/products before a group of panel adjudicators, who are experienced and respectable practitioners in the Industry. The panel adjudicators would compare the performance of all the participating teams according to pre-defined criteria and nominate teams for the appropriate awards.

For the current year (2011/12), “My Dream School” (理想校園由我造) is the theme. Under this theme, each participating team is required to submit a proposal for a construction project in order to improve their own school and turn it into a “Dream School”. The proposal must identify the roles of the various professions in the construction industry who might involve in the construction project.

The Competition is divided into 2 stages. During the first stage, each participating team is required to submit a work plan for preliminary assessment. During the second stage (final stage), participating teams are required to submit and present their finished works/products (which might be in form of a model/bulletin board display/powerpoint presentation/any other forms stated in the work plan and accepted by the Organizing Committee) before a group of panel adjudicators for the final assessment.