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Design Discipline

Higher Diploma in Transmedia

Programme code DE114109

Duration of Study
2 Years
Mode of Study
Offering Campus(es) / Venue(s)
(Planned Places)
HKDI - 90
Average Result of Admitted Students in 2018 (Note 1)
Entrance Requirements
Five HKDSE subjects at Level 2 or above, including English Language and Chinese Language; OR VTC Foundation Diploma (Level 3) / Diploma of Foundation Studies; OR VTC Diploma in Vocational Education / Diploma of Vocational Education; OR Yi Jin Diploma / Diploma Yi Jin; OR Equivalent.
Remarks :
  1. An "Attained", "Attained with Distinction (I)" and "Attained with Distinction (II)" in an HKDSE Applied Learning (ApL) subject (Category B subjects) are regarded as equivalent to an HKDSE subject at "Level 2", "Level 3" and "Level 4" respectively, and a maximum of two ApL subjects (excluding ApL(C)) can be counted for admission purpose.
  2. A "Grade D or E" and a "Grade C or above" in an HKDSE Other Language subject (Category C subjects) are regarded as equivalent to an HKDSE subject at "Level 2" and "Level 3" respectively, and one Other Language subject can be counted for admission purpose.
  3. Applicable to holders of Diploma in Vocational Education / Diploma of Vocational Education (DVE) (students admitted to DVE in AY2017/18 or before are required to complete prescribed further studies modules).
  4. Applicants may be required to attend an interview. Applicants are not required to show portfolio in the interview.
Programme Aims
The programme aims at nurturing creative talents to become proficient in Transmedia storytelling techniques, knowledgeable about the trends of social network and with strong marketing sense.
The investment of creative industries is migrating to digital platforms. In response to this changing media ecology, the programme’s training focus is on the following areas:
  • storytelling strategies that cater to the consumption behavior of online audience
  • application of interactive game technologies (e.g. VR, AR) in entertainment content
  • construction of digital marketing plan to engage target audience
  • multiple skills - students are offered diverse workshop training including filmmaking / visual effects / sound design / graphics communication / 2D animation and character design / game design
This programme is designed with an emphasis on generic, language and communication training, whole-person development and workplace experience to better prepare students for further studies and employment after graduation.
Career Prospects
Graduates can work as transmedia designer, digital content writer, project coordinator, multi-media producer in the following areas:
art direction, branding and advertising, content marketing, digital marketing, event management, franchise development, film and television, ani-com design and game design, etc.
Graduates can pursue relevant degrees locally or overseas.

They are eligible to apply for admission to top-up degree programmes offered by the following universities in collaboration with the School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE)#:
  • Coventry University, UK : BA(Hons) Media
    (Registration Number of Non-local Higher and Professional Education: 252720)
# It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead. Please refer to the corresponding programme page in the website of SHAPE.

Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to top-up degree programme offered by Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi):
  • BA (Hons) in Advertising
Graduates can also apply for admission to relevant degree programmes of local universities. Some examples are:
  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University : BA (Hons) Scheme in Design
  • City University of Hong Kong :
    1. BA Creative Media
    2. BSc Creative Media
    3. BAS New Media
  • Hong Kong Baptist University : BCOMM - Film Major (Animation and Media Arts Concentration)
Upon admission to relevant degree programmes, graduates can apply for credit exemption. The level of exemption will be considered on individual basis.
Professional Recognition
Students can apply for student membership of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association (HKDEA).
  1. Average result in 2018 refers to average score of the best 5 HKDSE subjects, including English Language and Chinese Language, of admitted students in 2018 for reference only.
    (Scoring scale: 5**=7 points; 5*=6 points; 5=5 points; 4=4 points; 3=3 points; 2=2 points; 1=1 point)
  2. VTC reserves the right to cancel any programme, revise programme title, content or change the offering institute(s) / campus(es) / class venue(s) if circumstances so warrant.