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Application during
23 Nov 2018 to 28 Feb 2019

Application for AY 2019/20 Full-time Degree, Higher Diploma, Diploma of Foundation Studies, Diploma of Vocational Education and Diploma programmes

Important Days

  • Late November to Early December 2018
    Join VTC Info Day
  • By 28 February 2019
            Apply via the "VTC Web-based Admissions System" or “VTC Mobile Application System
  Complete application for Principal’s Nomination Scheme / Self-Nomination Scheme (if applicable)


  • By 26 April 2019
    Submit “Student Learning Profile” via the "VTC Web-based Admissions System" (if applicable)
  • Late April to Early May 2019
    Join VTC Programme Selection Info Day and Briefing Session
    Change or re-prioritise programme choices
        Details will be announced via "What's New" of this homepage in late April
  • Late May 2019
    Attend interview(s) / test (if applicable)
    Applicants who are invited to attend interview will normally be notified 3 days before the interview / test
  • Mid June 2019
    Check Conditional Offer
  • July 2019
    Complete Registration


** Applicants should change / re-prioritise programme choices, and check the arrangement of interview / test and conditional offer announcement via the “VTC Web-based Admissions System” or the “VTC Mobile Application System”. Applicants will also be notified with the arrangement via email / SMS.